Commute Project: SF Bay Area

Between April 28th and June 8th 2015, I conducted a research project of common commutes in the San Francisco Bay Area. This section contains the results of that project. If you would like to read about it in more detail, I have written an article analyzing the commute from San Francisco to Mountain View. Otherwise, click on a work location below to find your commute.

About the data

For this project, I created an original data set by aggregating real-time traffic data over six weeks. Due to API quota constraints, I had to limit the scope of the project to nine residential neighborhoods and three work districts in the San Francisco Bay Area (see below). Between April 28th and June 8th, I acquired information encompassing 29 weekdays. To keep things simple, I disregarded weekends and holidays; I also grouped all 29 weekdays together.

Residential Neighborhoods: Berkeley, the Mission, Noe Valley, North Beach, Oakland*, Outer Richmond, Outer Sunset, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill
Work Districts: Financial District, Mountain View, Oakland*
*Oakland used as both a residential and work district.